This 1,500 m2 building will be situated in Vancouver’s Broadway and Cambie area. Consistent with the City’s desire to preserve such employment opportunities in the rapidly changing neighbourhood, the main floor is designated for light manufacturing uses. The 3 floors above will be the new home for Fast + Epp, one of Canada’s finest structural engineering firms.

The client’s desire is to demonstrate how shifting construction from site to prefabrication of complete components can not only improve quality control and economy, but will reduce construction time drastically. In an area that is suffering from traffic congestion caused largely by intense construction activity, this is a convincing argument! The standardized floor elements will be completely fitted with heating, fire protection and lighting provisions. Only the concrete topping will be placed on site after the building has been closed in.

The floor elements are made up of two steel C-beams, a nail-laminated bottom diaphragm, sprinkler lines, light fixture cut-outs, and a plywood deck.

As the modules stack up, white steel, natural wood and glass remain visible. The use of electrochromic glass is being considered to control solar radiation through the large glazed west facade. The three office levels will be connected by an open space. The top floor will have access to patios with views, trellises and pergolas supporting climbing vegetation.

A bird’s eye view from the south shows one of the patios.

A view from the NW, driving up Yukon Street reveals the parkade entrance and highest facade of the building.

This 200-stall, three-level underground parkade in the historic core of Merano explored a novel concept of sunken patios and light wells to bring fresh air, daylight and a feeling of safety to the lowest levels, often a severe problem in this building type. Completed 2004, construction cost 2.8 million Euro.

Florian Maurer Architect in association with Dr. Arch Heinrich Zoeschg

The Fast + Epp Building will present itself to the intersection at Yukon and 7th Street, where the commercially-zoned Cambie corridor transitions to light industrial zoning to the east.